My love of cooking started when I was very young. Actually, it really started with baking. I would look through the pantry to see what ingredients we had on hand, and then I would scour the cookbook to find a delicious sweet treat. I only remember us having the one cookbook. It was the red and white plaid one that I’m sure most of us had growing up. My mom bought me that same cookbook when I got married. I still often use it. When I was in sixth grade my mom bought me my very own cookbook. It had drawings of children from around the globe, cooking foods from their own countries. I was immediately fascinated with the “exotic” ingredients that were not in my pantry. I remember making Swedish Meatballs for a class project that year. I soaked in all the accolades! This was a game changer for me. I no longer wanted to just bake with the simple ingredients we had in our pantry, I wanted to cook dishes from around the world! Now, some of those ingredients I thought were so exotic as a child, are staples in my own pantry. This recipe was inspired by a bowl of citrus fruits and a head of garlic that needed to get used. I came up with two recipes made with a few simple ingredients and just a couple of tweaks to make them different.