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I’m back from my hiatus and I am ready to share some new recipes I have been working on! And to reward you for your patience I am including a bonus recipe!

I recently realized that the seasoned meat for a Teriyaki Burger is very similar to Wonton filling so I put it to the test and the results are delicious! I also noticed that the sauces are the same! I know that pineapple on pizza can be debatable, but on a teriyaki burger it is a MUST! I am a huge fan of grilled pineapple so I will find any excuse to put it on my dinner.

Wontons would be a great addition to your holiday appetizers! I remember having these a few times growing up on New Year’s Eve along with store bought sauce. Today I will teach you how easy it is to make your own sauce!

I used Triple S Farms Ground Turkey but you can use this recipe with any of Triple S Farms ground meats. Ground Pork would be fantastic!


2 lbs. Triple S Farms favorite ground meat

1 C. finely shredded Carrots

1/2 C. finely sliced scallions

2 cloves finely minced Garlic

1 tsp. grated fresh Ginger

1 Tbs. Tamari


1 C. Pineapple juice

1/3 C. Tamari

1/4 C. Honey or Brown Sugar

2 Tbs. Rice Wine Vinegar

1 clove finely minced Garlic

1 tsp. grated fresh Ginger

1/3 C. Water

1 Tbs. cornstarch or arrowroot

Add all of meat mixture ingredients to a mixing bowl and combine, being careful not to overwork your meat. Set aside half the mixture for Wontons.

Divide the remaining meat into four equal portions and form into patties. Set aside and start the sauce.

Add all of the sauce ingredients, except for water and cornstarch, to a small sauce pan over medium high heat. Stir together water and cornstarch in a small bowl. Once the sauce ingredients have come to a boil, pour in the cornstarch slurry while constantly stirring. Once thickened,boil for one more minute. Turn off heat and set aside.

Preheat a skillet or grill pan over medium high heat. Once heated, spray cooking spray in the pan and then add burger patties. Turn heat down to medium. Cook for about 7 minutes and then flip. Cook for 5-6 more minute or until internal temperature is 165° for turkey & chicken or 160° for beef & pork. Remove from pan and baste with the sauce. Top with your favorite ingredients and enjoy!



Add 1 C. shredded cabbage to meat mixture. Divide among wonton wrappers and fold. Add 3 inches of oil or shortening to a fryer or pan with deep sides. Heat to 375°. Once oil is ready, add a few wontons at a time and fry for 3-5 minutes, until golden brown. Remove and place on a towel lined plate and repeat with remaining wontons. Serve with sauce.


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