Do you know how you grocery shop with good intentions and then that ingredient you needed so bad at the time just sits and takes up precious real estate in your pantry? A month later and a bag of black-eyed peas that was intended for the traditional New Years Day dish of Hoppin’ John was the inspiration for my Peas & Greens w/Smoky Grits.

This dish was so fun for me to make because it really made me think about all of my family from the South and the ones who have transplanted themselves there. Even though I have spent most of my life in the Midwest, a huge piece of my heart lies in the South. I even used Pimento Cheese in my Smoky Grits! You can see the red flecks of pimento.

I used a leftover carcass from a Triple S Farms Smoked Chicken to make a smoky broth for my grits. I never let any bone go to waste!

Legumes are a great way to stretch out a pound of meat. You could easily swap out your proteins for Italian sausage and Cannellini beans to make an Italian style dish. Or, if your on a low carb diet, you could swap out the grits for riced cauliflower and just lower the amount of broth you use.